Managing the little sheepdog

Wilco is really a very easy puppy to raise. He loves both play and food. He relaxes really well. When he doesn’t feel like sleeping, he plays with his toys and leaves the furniture alone (he didn’t do that a month ago, but now he seems happy with his toys and bones). He doesn’t go crazy over other dogs running, playing or working. This is such a good trait in a border collie puppy. It makes having him with me everywhere so much easier.

There is really just one annoying problem. He loves herding sheep and he’ll go in the sheep field on his own to push the sheep around (really nicely, but still not a good idea). He won’t run away when we’re training (sheep are just across the driveway from my obedience/agility field), but he will if he’s just hanging out in the garden, or when we come back from walks. And the more you try to stop him, the more determined he is to go. He’s been on a leash around the farm for weeks now, but I miss having him just hanging out with me outdoors.


Wilco 4 months

Caught in the net:

Wilco caught in the net
  • reply James Boyle ,

    Wilco is a beaut! Do you feel, for someone to own a sheepdog that they really should have sheep or a farm or open spaces? I have a collie myself and, although she is old now, she always loved running about the fields. They are a brilliant and loyal dog

    • reply Halle Peterson ,

      We have an Australian Shepherd. Great around the cows. Loves to run in the fields too.

      • reply Sue ,

        Wilco looks like such a lovely dog. It’s a shame how excited sheep dogs get when they see sheep, and how you can’t have him with you running around in the garden, but your solution is great!

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