Naugthy Squid and Sightseeing in Bari

After our lovely day at the beaches that I wrote about on Sunday, I left Squid in the camper for a while, while I want into the house to get some work done (temporary problem with the WiFi in the camper). After work, dinner and some more work, I went back to the camper to take the dogs out and go to sleep. But Squid obviously thought that her day had been too boring and that she was hungry. She had torn apart and eaten from a big bag of coconut flour that was on the counter. She had spread the flour all over the floor, along with the contents of my gym bag. She had also eaten a hole in my favorite sweater, and ripped my favorite pants apart (because of small particles of food left in pockets).

She also seems to have found a jar of pills for dogs that have problematic stomachs, and eaten most of the pills. Some kind of self-medication. It didn’t seem to help much, because she wanted out a couple of times during the first night, and yesterday she seemed to be in some pain. She looks better now! It was of course my fault for forgetting about the flour on the counter. I was in a hurry that morning, and forgot to put it away. It does surprise me that she ate it though, but Epic was also interested in it, so it obviously tastes good. And the clothes – I should have put them in the suitcase, but I thought they were safe on the bed above the front seet. They were not…


Epic looking at the mess

Yesterday was a day of rest for the dogs. I got I guided tour of Bari by Italian friends. Afterwards, I took the dogs on some sightseeing around town. They are starting to act very civilized in the city. 😀 I then went to a shopping centre to buy new pants. But I did forget to try them on in other positions than standing up. This wasn’t a very good idea. I went to the gym for some training in my new pants, and in the first squat my new pants said “rrrippp” and got a hole in them. Of course, I wasn’t alone there, as the Italian men at the gym tried to comment my training (in a languate I don’t understand) all the time…


Walking along the water in Bari

Today has also been a relaxed day. A work out for Epic, and his first weave pole repetitions in almost six months. Rest for Squid because of her stomach. We watched the cross-country sprint from the Olympics. Were dissapointed when Cologna fell twice, but happy about two Swedish medals. Then we went to the forest for a walk again. And we didn’t meet anybody. Love it!


Tomorrow, I’ll teach an obedience seminar here. Very interesting, as obedience isn’t a big sport here in the south. I just hope that the language won’t be too much of a problem. Having a translator makes it harder to teach. It’s a bit like the game where you whisper a sentence to a person, who in turn whispers what he hears to a third person. It can get confusing. In the north of Italy, I have been working with a long time student as my translator. This makes it easier, since I know that she understands most of the concepts well. But we’ve still had some problems. I’m glad that she’ll come to Rome to translate next weekend. I guess I should work on my Italian some more, so that I at least can understand when things go wrong in translation…

I hope you enjoy our reports from Italy. I do miss your comments a bit, it feels like talking to no-one at times.

  • reply Margherita ,

    I red! You’re not alone! 🙂 I could teach you Italian, so I already have 2 jobs in Sweden! Yeeeeeaaaaah! I understand your doubts about a seminar with translation…I was telling about this problem to Pasquale when we had dinner together. My seminar with Angela Stockdale has been boring sometimes for that reason…and sometimes the translation was not so good

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      Thank you for your comment Margherita. And thank you for the excellent tour of Bari yesterday! I look forward to returning the favor when you come to Sweden. And yes, you can teach me both parking and Italian when you come 😀

    • reply Ambra ,

      Hi Fanny! Your seminary was grandiose! Your english was easy so I think that translation was good. I hope you’ll soon return in our zone. Thank you for your teachings

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