Obedience Class III – Recall with stand

I’m working my way through the obedience exercises in Swedish class III. We tried recall with stand, and I’m very happy with Squid’s speed in both recall and stop. Unfortunately, I haven’t put enough work on the last part of the exercise – running to me after the stop. Squid expects her reward after the stop, since that’s what we’ve been doing mostly. Time to work on the whole exercise, without losing the perfect stop. It’s all about stimulus control really, Squid needs to get better at distinguishing between the recall cue and the reward marker. Fun training!

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    That’s amazing. Where are taking these classes exactly? Is it a standalone course or part of a greater training course? I’ve wanted to become a certified trainer for years, but am already a fairly busy contractor and can never seem to find the time. Pls elaborate. Are you using any particular texts? What structure is the obedience class taking? Can I find info about it online? Of course, I’ll check in the meantime, but any feedback would be appreciated.

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