This weeks tricks

On monday night, I decided to teach Pi to put her paw over her eyes. A common method for teaching that is to put tape on the dogs nose and click as the dog uses her paw to remove the annoyance. I decided to use shaping instead. It took me quite a while to get her to put her paw on her nose, but once she got the hang of it, she started offering a really cool behavior. I love this about shaping tricks that are about body awareness, the dog will start streching her self and gradually do more advanced movements as her body adjusts. I also bought some more ceramic bowls for the dogs. Not for eating from, but for standing in 😀 Pi is quite good at the middle bowl, but has only been able to put three paws in the smallest one (that require her to put her front paws on her back paws).

The next smallest bowl

Setter yoga

Started working on the right paw today

  • reply Dave ,

    Hi Fanny ,i live in Canada and attend classes with Justine, she has asked me to teach my little border Suzy 5 tricks.Have you any suggestions?
    she will flip a cookie off her nose and catch it, spin, jump into my arms which she just started to do yesterday.
    we have been doing some perch work on a stool so the standing in a bowl might be able to be developed.Got anything else that Justine might go H”mm?
    thanks Dave

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