Welcome Squid!

She’s finally home and she’s an absolutely wonderful puppy! I picked her up this weekend. She is very cuddly and pretty calm. She tugs like crazy and loves food. I’ve never had a puppy that acts so much like a puppy, she is not as mature as the puppies that I have had in the past. I think that’s a good thing. I get time to bond with her before she starts to stalk other dogs, chase cars and act like a teenager. On the other hand, she is not the fastest learner when it comes to shaping, because of her immaturity. She tends to fall asleep in my lap instead of trying harder 😀 I’m sure she’ll be excellent before long.

We’ve done a lot of socialising since I got her. We’ve met a lot of people, quite a few dogs and a lot of children. We’ve been to the vet, to the mall, to the pet store, watched traffic, ridden an elevator, walked in the woods, watched herding, been in three homes… All in four days. I can’t wait to get some more training done with her! She is such a lovely puppy.

Playing with children
Greeting another dog in the pet store
Trying out toys at the pet store
Training at the vets
First day!

And finally: A video from our first day:

  • reply amanda ,

    what a cutie! she’ll be a super star in no time!

    • reply Sare ,

      What darling little pupper! Looks like you are already having lots of fun with her. I saw that you do a lot of work with Susan Garrett, do you raise your puppies with the Ruff love protocols or how do you raise them? What do you use for treats when you train? Have fun and take lots of pics, cause they grow up so fast!

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