15 – Training Sequences

Tonight, I had a handling class in our riding facility. I ran my dogs after class and Squid got to go agility for the first time since her little accident nearly three weeks ago. She was just crazy fast and I had to spend some time working on her turns… I wouldn’t have thought that a few years ago. Epic felt really slow in comparison, but I don’t doubt that he’ll be even faster in the end. There is no need to rush that, I’m happy as long as he does everything with full focus and enthusiasm. Here are the sequences we ran, you might want to try them.

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    Oh, I LOVE small sequences that we can fit in our tiny training arena 🙂 We have just 12*18 to play with, but it is amazing how much you can actually do in that space. These came just in time, as I was getting tired of my own ideas 🙂

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