6 – Double Box Seminar

I’m in the south of Sweden this week, enjoying a seminar on agility handling with Greg Derrett. Epic got to work at a seminar for the first time and did really well. He seemed to take it very seriously and tried his best, even though he got tired in the evening. I really like that he is so enthusiastic, focused and thoughtful at the same time. Squid unfortunately hurt her self last week and had to get stitches on her shoulder, so she can’t run this time. And Shejpa got spayed a few weeks ago, so she’s on a break from agility too. This means that Epic will have to do the advanced stuff tomorrow and on Thursday. It’ll be interesting. Here’s a video from today:

We’re having a lot of fun, but not much time for blogging.

  • reply Nina ,

    WOW!! 😀

    • reply Annie ,

      So nice Fanny! Your handling is really good and you inspire me to train more 😀

      • reply Tegan ,

        Great video! Loved the bit on the end about enforcing start-lines – easy to forget.

        • reply Annica ,

          Så fint han hoppar!

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