Epic heel video

Oh yes, I’ve forgotten to share a video of Epic training heel from last week. Since then, I’ve started to walk forward and I’ll show you a new video soon. Here is some puppy heel training:

  • reply Amy ,

    Epic is really coming along! Thanks so much for putting these videos on your blog – they’re very helpful. I’m trying to use your method of teaching heeling with my 4 yr old cocker spaniel (who only does agility and conformation so far) and I was getting a lot of ‘pacing’ movement instead of trotting while we’re going backwards. I noticed that Epic is pacing too. Does this clean up once you start moving forward (and at a faster speed of walking) or would/do you get the head up, trotting before turning and moving forward?

    • reply Fanny ,

      Hi Amy: I start by working only on focus, clicking as the dog looks up and follows me. As soon as I get good focus, I start to focus on attitude. In that category, I include if the dog is trotting or pacing. With Epic, I have deliberately rewarded for pacing, since I want a calm and collected attitude. I think he has better chances of getting the perfect scores in a trial if he walks like that. With a cocker spaniel that is smaller and maybe has a lower energy to start with, I would definitely work on trotting and more energy before moving on and working on position.

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