New and Improved Foundation Class!

After two years of foundation classes online, we’ve found that we want to make some improvements for our next class. Mostly, we just found a lot of things that we wanted to add. Instead of having one theme per lesson, we’ll try to cover more behaviors and mix from different themes in every lesson. This makes this class much more than a Foundation Class. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to teach the behaviors that make our training fun and unique, like:

  • Getting your dog to love tugging
  • The “switch”-game with two toys
  • Picking up objects fast
  • Shaping skills
  • Holding positions until release
  • Reversed luring
  • Send to station and wait
  • Turn around and run to reward
  • Backwards walking to teach heeling
  • Rear end awareness
  • Around the pole game
  • Nose touch to hand
  • Nose freeze to hand
  • Jumping stand
  • Foundations for retrieving
  • Go outs
  • Stand to down to stand with paws still
  • Adding cues and stimulus control

Class starts on August 7th. Read more and sign up here.

  • reply Rosario 'Roselyn" Elena Perez ,


    My name is Roselyn. I am from the Philippines. I am interested to join your online foundation classes. How much for the entire course?

    Thank you.

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      Hi Roselyn,

      I really hope that you’ll chose to join us in the foundation class! A working participant pays 2000 SEK (about 300 USD) and an observer pays 1000 SEK (about 150 USD). It will automatically be calculated when you pay via PayPal.

      Sign up here:


    • reply Jean-Pierre VIGNIER ,

      I’m Jean-Pierre from France. I’m interessed to. My english isn’t fluent and I hope you’ll understand (???).
      * I want join the foundation first, the obedience class after. When will begin the foundation and when will begin the obedience ?
      * Are there any prerequisites to surely progress ?
      Thank you

      • reply Fanny Gott ,

        Hi Jean-Pierre
        I hope you want to join us! Foundation class starts on August 7th, and we’ll probably start a new Obedience Class in the winter, so that it’s possible to keep working with us if you’d like. You don’t need any prerequisites to join the Foundation Class. We’ll help you at what ever stage you’re at. You could join with a puppy, or with a dog that is already competing in obedience.


      • reply Vanessa ,

        Hi, I’m interested in your Online Foundation Class. I think it could be great to improve focus and concentration of my dog, and help me to learn better rewarding (timing 😉 – so that the correct behaviour is reinforced). Would it still be possible to join the current Class? Otherwise, have you already plans for a next Foundation Class?
        Thank you!

        • reply Fanny Gott ,

          You can still join the current class! We’re only on lesson 2, so you’ll have a chance to catch up. It’s a great group and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

          • reply Vanessa ,

            Thanks Fanny, I have joined now over your page. This is my first Online Class, so I’m quite excited how things will go.

        • reply Kathy Smith ,

          I am registered for the class. I just had a parent pass away, and I was out of state helping her in the hospital for a week before that. For these reasons, I have not yet submitted a video of my work for class.

          • reply Shauna Nielsen ,

            I have just picked up our new puppy and wondered when your next Foundation Class will start.

            Thank you.

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