New Online Classes

We will offer a few different classes this winter. We asked you what theme you wanted to work on for a month, and many people wanted to do heelwork, so we will offer a month of all aspects of heeling for those of you that want to focus on that. Class starts on November 18th and you can post as many videos as you like for us to comment on during a month.

We are also offering a brand new class, that will help you prepare for obedience trials. Obedience trials are about so much more than just teaching the dog to perform exercises. Teaching the behaviors and exercises is approximately half the job. This class covers how to prepare for trials. You don’t need to have all exercises trained to perfection to enter this class – it’s great training even for young dogs. Class starts on December 9th.

Our new Foundation Class was a huge success and a lot of people have asked us to do it again. The new Foundation Class includes more skills and cover some aspects that the first version of the class didn’t. We really love teaching it and look forward to helping new students teach their dogs great skills. There is also an option for old students to repeat the class at a discounted price. Class starts on January 8th.

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  • reply MARINE ,

    Bonjour ,
    j’ai visité votre site avec beaucoup d’attention et je souhaiterais savoir quelles sont les conditions d’inscriptions. J’ai une petite border de 8 mois ainsi qu’un berger australien de 2 ans , je souhaite les travailler tous les 2 en obé . J e pratique l’agility depuis 14 ans mais sui également avide de me perfectionner dans ce domaine
    Pouvez-vous me conseiller comment bénéficier de vos cours et quels sont les térifs .
    Merci d’avance

    • reply Thomas ,

      Hi Marine,
      my French is not good, but I’ll try to answer your questions.
      We will work on general dog training foundations like play, shaping, positions, foundations for heeling, retrieving etc in the Foundation Class. The foundation work is useful for both agility, obedience and other dog sports.
      You can switch between two dogs if you like to work with both (choose one dog for each lesson).
      There are no prerequisites required, other than good internet connection, video camera and a youtube-account.

      • reply Zouzou ,

        Hi Fanny and Thomas,
        I would like to know if you intend to propose an obedience class in 2014 ?
        Because I am about to subscribe to “preparing for trials”, and I hesitate to get read access to obedience class 2013, I would have preferred a “live” class 🙂

        Thanks in advance 😉

        • reply Thomas ,

          There will come a new and revised version of the Obedience Class in 2014. Starting date is not ready yet.

        • reply sophie ,

          Hi Thomas and Fanny,
          I need your advice, I would like to do the new foundation class as a repeater, as I wasn’t able to properly finish the last one.

          My question is that Nessy my australian shepherd might be having babies during that period (waiting for her heat period anytime, the future breeder is chosen).So as she will have to stop agility (which we do 1/xeek) and less runs in the forest, I thought it might be good to go into this program at home. but as it might be during the litter, do you think it incompatible during her pregnancy, and/or during her 2 month breeding the pups?
          Thanks for your advice,

          • reply Valerie Hagley ,

            Hi! When will you be teaching the next Field Trial Foundation class?

            • reply dog trainers roanoke va ,

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              • reply vet clinic lincoln ne ,

                It seems to be a good idea. Are these classes are still going on?

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