Online Classes for 2015

We’re happy to repeat some popular online classes this year! If you’ve been in our Foundation Class, there is Advanced Obedience Skills, where you can progress and learn even more fun behaviors, while perfecting the ones you’ve already learned. If you haven’t been in our Foundation Class, we’ll offer a new round of it, as well as a new round of Relationship Building Class.

Check our classes out here, and let us know if you have any questions. You can send us an e-mail, or just comment below. Also, let us know if there are other classes that you’d like us to offer this spring.

Here’s a video of Wilco learning to spin yesterday. Sometimes, targeting is very useful!

And here’s a funny video of Epic trying to focus on running contact with some puppy distractions 😀

  • reply Kristen ,

    Too many options! I don’t know which class/es to do!

    Epic’s video is great – it’s so exciting to watch the swarm of puppies.

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      I want to see Mr Pickles in Foundation Class!

    • reply Kathle R ,

      Hi Fanny,
      I’m thinking about taking your online Foundation Class in February, however, I want to make sure I understand the cost. I’m a little confused by the number of 0s and the , – does the cost convert to around $100 US for the auditing and around $200 US for full participation in the class?
      Kathie R

      • reply Fanny Gott ,

        Yes, that is correct. I hope you decide to join us Kathie!

        • reply Nicole ,

          I am so glad I am not the only one who was confused with the conversion. I have gotten various numbers.
          I am hoping there is a field trial class in 2015!

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