Online Handling with Jessica Martin

Handling with focus on dog training and jumping with Canadian agility trainer Jessica Martin of Agile Dogtraining.

Jessica has many years of experience training dogs of all breeds and competes against the best in the agility world each year. Jessica’s greatest accomplishment to date is winning the 2010 FCI World Championship in Germany with her young dog “Dice”. She and Dice are currently the only Canadian team to have won this prestigious event.

Jessica’s goal as an instructor is to help every dog and handler team reach their full potential. Unlike many instructors that just focus on the fast, naturally driven dogs she has experience with building confidence and motivation in the less driven or worried dogs and bringing out the best in them. Jessica has also worked with very intense, driven dogs and helped them gain consistency and control without diminishing speed. She believes the best agility dogs should be “balanced” in their skill sets.

She has trained under the finest trainers including Adrian Rooyakkers, Susan Garrett, Greg Derrett and Laura Derrett.

Jessica uses the Greg Derrett handling system which is known to maintain maximum efficiency and speed on course.  She promotes positive and motivational methods of training which are fun for both the dogs and their handlers.

Jessica has shown her agility handling skills on several different dogs.


Class starts on September 26th and ends December 19th. A new lesson is presented every two weeks, for a total of 6 lessons.

Working spot: 300 CAD (posts videos of every lesson and gets personal feedback)

Observer: 150 CAD (can view and read all information, and ask questions)

Online Handling Class with Jessica Martin

  • Victoria Telloglou ,

    hello, my name is Victoria and i am a dog trainer in greece.i use clicker training and positive reinforcement. i was born in sweeden and i came to greece when i was 5 years old. i would like to study dog training aboard and i was thinking returning to sweeden.i wouldlike to ask if you organize training classes for dog trainers in your facilities. or if there is another dog training academy in sweeden which you could recommend. i agree with your philosophy in dog training and i would prefer to work with you, if there is in fact a training academy in your facaulty. i am waiting eagerly for your response, thank you in advance

    Victoria Telloglou