Online Workshop: Heeling

We’re continuing our successful online coaching for heelwork in obedience, rally or canine freestyle/heelwork to music. A lot of people have expressed their wish to continue for another month and we’re happy to keep working with you. We’re also letting new working teams and observers get the chance to join in. Heeling is one of our favorite exercises and we have a lot of fun exercises that will make your dog love heeling with great precision.

The workshop will combine the heelwork lessons from our foundation and obedience class.

We will dedicate the whole month of November to help you with heelwork. As a working participant, you can submit as many videos as you like, and we will comment and give you advice on how to progress. Observers can view all info and all videos, and ask as many questions as you like (except for questions about a specific dog that is not a working participant in the workshop).

Type of participation