Time travelling, sequencing and an injured kelpie

We havn’t been able to do any more weave training with Agera since she got injured and had to rest, eat Rimadyl and ice her leg for the rest of the week. We took her to our vet today and her leg is much better, but she still can’t do any training for a few more days. Our vet gave her laser treatment and she get’s to swim in the pool during the weekend. Poor Agera and poor Nina. I hope she get’s well soon.

I was in Kirkenes (in the very north-east of Norway, close to the Russian border) yesterday. It was like travelling back in time – to february. They still had some snow on the ground and no leafs on the trees. I had a great time there, but I appreciate coming back to the warm sun and green leafs.

I did some sequencing with both Missy and Shejpa before I left for Kirkenes on wednesday. Karine and Helene came to our place and did some training. Karine set up a nice sequence with a pretty challenging weave entry. I did a LOP at 3, threadle 5-6 and rear crossed the poles. Missy only knocked two poles in her first run, wich is very good to be her. Shejpa was clean, fast and fun. Both dogs struggled with the poles some times. They had problems with bending back into the first gap coming with so much speed.

Today has been a day of conditioning for the dogs. They have been on walks in the woods, swimming and doing jump grids. I have added handler motion and some motivational talk to the jump grids and both dogs handled it better than I thought they would. I have to do some obedience tomorrow and I also really have to work on nose targeting on the stairs with both Missy and Shejpa. I’ll soon have my contact equipment and I want to be able to use it 🙂

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