Fall days in the forest

My perfect team - September 2015

This is my awesome team on a walk in the forest yesterday. It’s a great time to just walk off track in the woods. My dogs love to run, sniff, explore, run some more and best of all – find water to run in. We also try to take some time walking slowly through blueberry bushes and uneven ground, so that they gain core strength and balance as well. The only drawback is all the bugs that get on my clothes and hair and even follow me home. There are some ticks, but they are almost cozy compared to the deer ked. Yesterday was terrible, and although I tried to protect myself with a long sleeved shirt and a tight fitting beanie that covered all my hair, I was picking the bastards out of my hair all day. One even crawled out on my forehead as I was almost asleep at night. They don’t seem to stick to the dogs, I guess I look more like a moose. Well, it’s almost worth it anyway, and we also bring nice things with us from the forest – like chanterelles.

In the woods on September 14th
Nicks picking chanterelles

These last two pictures are from Squid’s 7th birthday ten days ago. I made the day all about her. Here are some other pictures from her day. Agility of course, but also some herding (something she never gets to do on other days).

Of course agility
  • reply Kristen ,

    That sounds horrible! I’m not visiting in September!

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      Stay out of the forest and you’ll be fine 🙂

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