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  • We love our students from all over the world! We strive to give you extensive material, fast and helpful feedback on your videos and questions, and lots of fun learning great dog training.
  • Agility Handling Foundations Online

    Starting April 9th 2018

    Finally, it’s time for an agility online class here. This is a class that I’ve run a few times in Swedish and that I love to teach. It suits anyone who wants to teach or improve independent handling moves and build speed, confidence and motivation. You’ll learn almost everything you need to get around any course. You’ll teach your dog verbal cues and handling techniques that work even if you’re not a fast runner.

  • Foundation Class

    Starting February 5 2018

    New round of our popular foundation class starts on February 5. Become a better dog trainer. Learn how to develop great rewards, shaping skills, foundation behaviors, self control for your dog, and much more. This class is great for dogs at any level.

  • Welcome to Fanny’s Clicker Dog Blog. I’m a dog trainer from Sweden. My goal is to help you get great results in obedience, agility or other dog sports; using reward based training and having lots of fun with your dog.

    You will also find articles and classes by my husband Thomas Stokke here. He is a successful competitor in field trials for pointing dogs and spaniels, and he loves his German Wirehaired Pointers.

    This site has articles and videos that will help you improve your training and learn reward based methods in dog training. If you want more help, you can join one of our online classes.

    Online Classes
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