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  • We love our students from all over the world! We strive to give you extensive material, fast and helpful feedback on your videos and questions, and lots of fun learning great dog training.
  • Foundation Class Online

    Starting April 10th! Our popular foundation class is back with a new look and some great new content. This class is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about efficient reward based training, play, shaping and self control.

  • Relationship building online

    Starting June 12th! This class suits dog owners who wants to develop a great relationship with their dog. Dog training and ownership is so much more than just training behaviors. You can join with a puppy, a young or adult dog of any breed. A great relationship is the foundation that makes both everyday life and (training for) trials fun and easy.

  • Welcome to Fanny’s Clicker Dog Blog. I’m a dog trainer from Sweden. My goal is to help you get great results in obedience, agility or other dog sports; using reward based training and having lots of fun with your dog.

    You will also find articles and classes by my husband Thomas Stokke here. He is a successful competitor in field trials for pointing dogs and spaniels, and he loves his German Wirehaired Pointers.

    This site has articles and videos that will help you improve your training and learn reward based methods in dog training. If you want more help, you can join one of our online classes.

    Online Classes
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  • Happy Birthday Spy!

    Today is Spy’s first birthday. We’ve celebrated with our first successful play session outdoors and our first ever session on backwards heeling. I teach heeling by walking backwards and having the dog follow me. One of the things that I love about this method is how it can be modified for any level, and how [...] Read more

  • Update on Spy

    Sorry for not giving you enough updates on what’s happening with Spy. It’s been a very intense time. In the past month, I’ve travelled to Canada, Switzerland, south of Sweden and Italy. I’ve hosted a seminar at home, delivered puppies and fought a persistent flu. The first lambs were born in the beginning of this [...] Read more

  • Irish Spy

    A few weeks ago, I got in the car and drove, drove and drove some more. Drove until I ended up on Ireland and met Spy, whom I previously only had seen in a shaky 90 second video. I randomly found Spy on YouTube one day. The video was recently uploaded and it said she [...] Read more