Five Years Ago – Puppy Squid

I’m really looking forward to training a puppy again. I’m looking at old videos of Squid and get excited about teaching new things (on the other hand – my grown up dogs still learn new stuff all the time!) and think about how I would do things differently today. You do learn a lot in five years!

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This is how we started – cuddling, playing, resting and socializing.

A week later – flying to Stavanger, Norway, and learning new skills.

Eleven weeks old – circle work, finishes and self control in her crate.

Fifteen weeks on New Years Eve. Many new tricks on her repertoire and training on stimulus control.

Seventeen weeks old – visiting Bergen, Norway, new tricks and stimulus control.

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    She was so cuuute !
    Love the beginning of the last video 🙂

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