Foundation Class fall 2014

As much as I love summer, I’m always happy when fall arrives. I certainly don’t like the darker nights or the fact that we’re getting closer to winter, but summer is such a hectic time for us. In mid-August, things start to calm down. I have time to take long walks in the woods, to train my dogs, even watch some TV at night. I have friends visiting quite often, but at least I’m home enough to know where I can find appliances and food in the kitchen. Hopefully, this also means more time for blogging. I really want to document a lot of Wilco’s training. I love to go back and watch videos of my dogs as puppies, and I’m sure it’s interesting for others as well.

I’ve also had time to make some changes to the website. We’re now ready to offer a new Foundation Class this fall! We’ll start on October 1st, and you can sign up now.


Poor Epic had some time off because of a cut in his paw. He’s back in training now.

Thomas just left for the north of Sweden to hunt ptarmigan and grouse with his pointers and spaniels. I’m at home with our big gang of border collies. I hope that he gets there safely and has a lot of luck with hunting.

  • reply Barbara ,

    Hi Fanny!
    I just found your site while trying to decide if I wanted to try clicker training. However, I read with much interest about your online October 2014 foundation class and was wondering if I could do this with an 8 year old dog that has gone through agility classes as well as obedience classes. We are currently in Open A here in the US and our first competition did not go well at all. Would you please be so kind as to give me your opinion on retraining and also the exchange rate/price in US dollars?
    Thanks so much!

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      Hi Barbara,
      I’m sure that you’ll have fun and learn a lot with your 8 year old dog in our Foundation Class! I can’t think of a better way to kick start clicker training with an older dog that has experience with other ways of training. According to Google, 1000 SEK is about 143 USD right now.


      Fanny and Thomas

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