Merry Christmas

We have been working our puppies with Maria Hagström (awesome obedience instructor from Sweden) for two days and we’ve had a lot of fun. If you think obedience is boring, take a look at this video. There’s a lot of playing going on, but also a lot of obedience training with high precision, and even sequencing. Do you think the puppies even notice the difference?

With that, I wish you a Merry Christmas! Please leave a comment if you have something on your mind. I’m off to clean the house and prepare for my parents and brothers arrival tomorrow.

  • reply amanda ,

    great video (as always!)

    love the style of training you guys have! looks like lots of fun!

    • reply weaver ,

      Can you tell me about the format of your video clip. I have a 64-bit computer (not a 32-bit). Many videos on Youtube and other sites, when I play the video, I just get streaming color and can’t really tell what’s going on. I have Adobe and it’s up-to-date. I’ve done some searching on the Internet, but have not come up with any answers. Do you have any thoughts as to what I need to do?

      • reply having a bit of trouble with stand command - Golden Retrievers : Golden Retriever Dog Forums ,

        […] Merry Christmas | Fanny's Clicker Dog Blog The puppies in this video are offering stands at some points…I haven't quite figured out how they get it offered! We teach stand with luring, I hate hate hate hate to do it, but haven't found a better way. Have your dog sit. Let her lick the treat. Slowly bring it straight out from her nose. If she stops licking, your hand is too far/moving too fast. the slower you move the treat, the better your behavior. Your goal is for her to pop up her back feet and keep her front feet in the same spot. It's way easier to demo than to describe! As soon as she's standing, you can click/mark and then feed the treat. Repeat. A lot. We get beautiful kick back stands. the treat is out of your hand after you are getting the proper behavior (no front feet movement, but if you aren't training for competition, it doesn't matter too much). .. but still feed a treat after she does the correct behavior. If we feed the treats high every time, and then practice stay training…we get the position we want. […]

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