Squid’s Herding Test

Squid, 19 months old, passed the swedish herding test yesterday! This is the lowest level of herding trials and also something the dog must pass if you want to breed it (and register the dogs with the kennel club). It was my first time competing in herding and I was really nervous (I actually can’t remember ever being so nervous about a trial, I’m usually pretty cool). Three out of seven dogs passed the test and Squid placed second. I tried to just take it very easy and keep me, Squid and the sheep calm at all times. Here is a video from the test:

  • reply Monique ,

    I love that this is a registration/breeding requirement. I wish such a thing were true here in the US.

    • reply Nat ,

      I also wish that dogs in North America had to pass some sort of herding test; at least an instinct test! Squid is a WONDERFUL worker, great style and control!!

      • reply Tania ,

        Congratulations you both did great !!!!!

        • reply Erica ,

          I love that the sheep are so calm! Herding should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved and you show that! Great work!

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