Video of Squid, 17 weeks

Squid has turned 17 weeks. These are some of the things we have been working on this past week. First clip is just Squid relaxing in her open crate while dogs are working around her and we’re teaching (ok, I’m videotaping my puppy :D). Second clip is of Squid playing with me, listening to “sit” and “stand” command and also reacting to her “go see” command. She is a very social puppy 😀

Next clip is of her starting to sit pretty, or at least, throwing her hands in the air. Very cute. Then hiding her nose in her paws and crawling.

Last clip is showing a challenge in stimulus control that we have been working on lately. She is supposed to nose touch repetedly to the palm of my hand, freezing her nose on the back of my hand and doing her puppy yoga if she sees the closed fist.

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    What great “go-see” gå-å-hälsa training! Not to mention all the other great stuff you and Squid are up to. 😀 The puppy yoga is incredibly cute — I will teach Noch (my dog) this!

    What a wonderfully stable adult dog-and-owner you have access to in the “go-see” training. I wish I had this (I live in Gothenburg and my dog has a good dog-friend that is slightly older but wants to play non-stop — hardly condusive to training calm behaviour around other dogs *sigh* — so we’re working a lot on passing other dogs without being reactive and focusing on me — BUT I wish I had access to another CALM dog (and owner willing to train) that could take part in teaching him this).

    I have a question about the “go see” training. I can see that you let Squid jump on your “helpers” when she greets them — at what point to you teach her not to jump on people? Or do you not mind it, or does it go away on it’s own when you do more greeting training?

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      Nice to meet you! I begin blog and make a dog-related collection of links recently.
      Your page linked, too. Would you link my page if you like? Thanking you in advance.

      • reply Dizel med matte ,

        Vilken inspirationskälla du är!!
        High five! 😉

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