Weaving 2×2

I’m really falling behind with the english blog, but I’ll try to update more often in the future. We’ve had a long winter and the snow has just gone (although it is snowing again today). We have still been able to do a lot of training indoors and both girls are making progress. In this blog post, I’m going to show you how Squid’s weaving with the 2×2 method has progressed over the past month.

This is the first video, where we go to four straight poles for the first time. She is having problems with entries from 10-11.

Squid weaving 2×2 from Fanny Gott on Vimeo.

In the next video, the problem persists:

Squid Weaving 2×2 from Fanny Gott on Vimeo.

So I decide to break it down and work on just that weakness:

This clip is after one more session:

These are the two sessions from the day after, where I add a jump before a set of four straight poles. It was a true lesson on latent learning, where you can see the amazing difference between the two sessions (with a five minute break in between them):

In this clip, we’ve had one short session since the last video:

This is the latest video, where I have gone from four to eight poles. We’ve had one session since the last video, where I gradually over four repetitions put two sets of four poles together:

  • reply Steven ,

    Nice to see these dog training videos. Thanks for sharing.

    • reply MarkSpizer ,

      great post as usual!

      • reply Jaana ,

        Amazing! Great training!

        • reply Emily ,

          awesome videos! I love to see the progression. great head-on shots in that last video, too!

          • reply Jeanette ,

            Alhigrt alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

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