About Us

My name is Fanny Gott. I am a professional dog trainer and border collie breeder with a passion for clicker training and dog sports. I live with my husband Thomas and our dogs in Fjugesta, outside Örebro in Sweden.

I started training and trialing with dogs more than 20 years ago. My first dog was a male cairn terrier, born in July 1991. He was trained in obedience, agility, flyball and tracking. We attended some trials, but were not very successful. My first border collie came into my house in 1997. Her name was Twiggy and she lived to be 13 years old. We competed quite successfully in obedience: She was OTCH and qualified for a few national championships. We also competed in agility, freestyle and tracking. Twiggy was initially trained with positive methods that included a lot of luring, but started clicker training as an adult.

Missy was born in 2004 and was closely related to my older border collie Twiggy, but they were nothing like each other. Missy has had issues with gunshot and other sharp noises, reactiveness to people and other dogs and other issues with insecurity. She did get much better and did well in trials with me. She competed at the highest level in FCI obedience and qualified for the Norwegian Championships final in 2008 and was an obedience trial champion. She has also won the only tracking trial she has entered, shown off her freestyle skills on national television and done a few competitions in agility, where she earned one leg in jumpers. Missy is unfortunately not still with us.

Shejpa is a field bred english cocker spaniel born in 2006. She is trained for field work and agility. Shejpa and I have worked a lot with Susan Garrett. Shejpa got her Agility Trial Championship (in both standard and jumpers) and qualified for Swedish Nationals in 2010 and 2011. She also won AgIF’s National Championship 2010 and won the Swedish Agility Team Championship 2011. Shejpa now lives with a friend of mine in Norway. She’s 11 years old and has represented Norway at the EO and Nordic Championships two years in a row! I have also trained my husbands english setter, Pi, in obedience. She did one trial at 11 months, where she qualified for the next level.

Squid is a border collie born in 2008. She is outgoing, fast and fun. Squid has done herding, agility and obedience. She is an Obedience Trial Champion (FCI). Right now, we’re mostly doing agility in class 3, and Squid is a champion in both jumpers and standard agility. Squid represented Sweden at European Open in 2012 and 2014, and at the WAO 2016. Squid has had three litters of puppies and is still winning agility trials at nine years old.

Epic was born in August of 2010. Epic is from our first litter (same mother as Squid) and he is really everything I wanted and more. He has passed the Swedish herding test and has competed in open trials. He is also competing in agility and jumping class 3, where he is champion of both jumping and agility. He has represented Sweden at the European Open and the Nordic Championships, and also qualified and ran clean in EO team finals and Norwegian Open finals.

Epic is the father of Bud, born in December of 2015. Bud is Swedish Agility Champion and has passed the Swedish herding test.

Spy came to me 10 months old in February of 2017. I found her on YouTube and drove to Ireland to get her. We’re working on adjusting to a Swedish way of life, herding and agility foundations.

Thomas works as a dog trainer with me and he’s also finished a masters degree in ethology (the study of animal behavior). Thomas has worked with dalmatians, a rottweiler, and an English setter before, but he currently trains border collies, working cocker spaniels and German wire-haired pointers. Thomas does mostly herding and field training at the moment, but has also successfully competed in obedience and search and rescue.

Both of us started out as clicker trainers with Morten and Cecilie of Canis. Since then, we have evolved our own style of training, heavily influenced by both Canis and Susan Garrett of Say Yes Dog Training in Canada. We run our own dog training school where we specialize in clicker training for dog sports. We offer some classes in obedience and agility at home and are often invited to clubs and schools both in Sweden and abroad, to teach clicker training.

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