Online Classes

We’re happy to once again offer online classes to students around the world. If you’re already in a class, you can access it in the sidebar to your right. Log in and click on the class/lesson that you’re in. If you want to join one of our new classes, look below!

Advanced Obedience Skills – July 24

This online class is the next step after the Foundation Class. We will use the foundation behaviors and put them together to obedience skills and exercises, work more on stimulus control, distraction training and sequencing. This class is good for anyone who wants to work on the skills required for obedience competition in any organization.

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Foundation Class – August 14

Our new Foundation Class was a huge success and a lot of people have asked us to do it again. The new Foundation Class includes more skills and cover some aspects that the first version of the class didn’t.

As a working participant, you will follow the class with your own dog (one dog per working spot) and post video for the entire class to see. Thomas and I will of course comment on your videos and help you through all the lessons. The observers get to read and watch all material from me, watch all the posted videos, ask questions and join in on the discussions. This is a foundation class, much like the one we do at home. It will be great for anyone who wants to get the most out of reward based methods. It’s not only for beginner dog trainers, but for anyone who wants to understand our way of training.

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