Agility Handling Foundations Online

Foundations for agility handling is one of my favorite things to teach! This class suits anyone who wants to teach or improve independent handling moves and build speed, confidence, and motivation. There are exercises to do without equipment, but for most exercises, you’ll need 1-3 jumps and/or a tunnel. This class is perfect for training in a small space like your backyard. You’ll learn almost everything you need to get around any course. You’ll teach your dog verbal cues and handling techniques that work even if you’re not a fast runner. This class covers:

  • Jump cue
  • Tunnel cue
  • Backside jumping
  • Threadles on jumps and tunnels
  • Serpentine handling
  • Tight turns (wraps)
  • Front crosses
  • Blind crosses
  • Rear crosses
  • Drive forward
  • Come to hand/bypass obstacles
  • Reward structure and games

This class will be run in a Facebook group where most exercises are posted at the start of class to help you find the exercise you need at the level you’re at. You will also get personalized exercises if needed.

Class will start on the 1st of the month, every month, and you’ll have three months to work through the exercises.

What you need to sign up:

  • Computer with internet connection
  • To read and write in English

If you want to work with your dog in the class, you’ll also need:

  • Video camera and a video editing program (A smart phone works great! I do all my videoing and editing on my iPhone)
  • YouTube-account where you upload your videos

Type of participation

Prices are in Swedish kronors and payment is done via PayPal.
VAT is added within the EU.