Agility Foundation Training With Win

Squid has to rest from training for a while. She was lame last week and although she looks fine now, after more than a week of rest, I will not let her do any training until I’ve got her checked up thoroughly. My local vet took a long look at her earlier this week and we took x-rays of back and toes, but we didn’t find much. Next step is a visit to a physiotherapeut on Monday.

In the mean time, I’m glad that Thomas has got so many nice dogs that I can train. I do some agility with his cockers, but right now I really feel like I want a third border collie to run, so I’ve started some foundation training with Epic’s sister Win. She’s a very nice dog and easy to train. Works with enthusiasm, but relaxes well when I run Epic. Here’s a video of our session today. We had five sessions for a total of 12 minutes, and I have compressed into a three minute video:

Keep your fingers crossed for Squid!

  • reply Kaeli ,

    I really enjoy your videos. Very inspiring!

    Happy healthy New Year to you and all your paws,

    – Kaeli

    • reply Monika ,

      How cute is he?!?!Bella will do one of 2 things to get my atotneitn. First she’ll sit behind me and mumble (not bark, not whine, it’s muttering and mumbling really I’m not sure I want to know what she’s trying to say )The other thing she’ll do if she wants me to play with her is steal stuff. She doesn’t damage things any more when she’s thieving so I can ignore the game if it’s a bad time to play and she’ll give up quickly. But lots of times I think of it as her way of telling me I’ve been sitting at this computer too long, let’s go have some fun. And I listen.

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