Field Trial Foundations 2014

This class is for the trainer who wants a solid foundation for gundog training using positive reinforcement. The foundations are pretty much the same for pointing dogs, spaniels and retrievers, so all gundog breeds are welcome to this class.

Field Trial Foundations Class will cover the following topics:

  • Self control
  • Steadiness
  • Heeling
  • Relaxation
  • Recall
  • Stop signal
  • Retrieving foundations (picking up, holding, delivery to hand)
  • Go outs and directions

The class consists of 6 lessons, each lesson spanning over two weeks for a total of 12 weeks.

Lesson 1 – Play, Relaxation and Self Control
– Play with your Gunddog
– Between legs
– By your side
– on a mat
Self control
– Al distractions are possible rewards
– Teaching get it

Lesson 2 – Steadiness
– the verbal release
– in sit
– by heel

Lesson 3 – Foundations for the retrieve
– The Nose Touch
– Hold
– Deliver to hand
– Picking up

Lesson 4 – The Stop Signal
– Sit as a default behavior
– Sit to earn
– Sit with distractions

Lesson 5 –  Recalls and stop

– Recalls

More on stop signal
– From speed
– On a distance

Lesson 6 – Heeling, Go outs & Directions

– Finishes
– Steps to the right
– Forward heeling
– Heeling as a default behavior for retrievers

– Taking a line
– Directions

Of course, all training will be based on your needs and Thomas will help you with whatever problems you have regarding field work.

Class starts on April 9th 2014.

Working teams can post unlimited videos during class. Observers have access to all text and video in class, and can ask as many questions as they like (though not regarding their own, specific dog as we’d like to see video of the dog’s we’re discussing).

Working spot is 2000 SEK

Observer 1000 SEK

To find out how much swedish kronors is in your currency – use Google. Try googling “1000 SEK in USD” for example, and you’ll get a good estimate.

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