Simple Happiness

I try to find little things that will make my dogs a little happier every day. Especially for Shejpa, who doesn’t get as much training as my other two dogs. This morning, she was pacing the house and looked like she couldn’t find a good enough place to lie. Then I remembered that she loves the folding camping chairs that we bring to trials. I usually end up on the floor or in someone else’s chair, as Shejpa gets very upset if she can’t sleep in mine. So i brought one into the house and she was very happy, didn’t get up for anything <3


What have you done to make your dog a little happier today?

  • reply Trivedi Effect ,

    It truly the little things in life that make the difference. Great read.

    • reply Silje Heistein Lund ,

      Naaaaw! ♥ Ingenting er bedre enn å se en lykkelig hund som ligger og koser seg! Flinke Fanny!

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