Spring is on it’s way!

Most of the snow has melted and we had a nice walk today with Missy, Pi and Pogue. Laxmi (our vet with a degree on rehab from University of Tennessee) took a look at Shejpa’s back today and it was fine! I can’t wait to start training agility with her again! She has been very bored with no training and walking on leash for a month.

Here are some pictures from todays walk

Some snow left on the field makes Pogue very happy

No snow in the woods makes me very happy 😀

Happy cocker

Two spotted dogs


He loves everything wet or muddy, unlike Shejpa who’d rather keep her paws dry

  • reply riikka ,

    Hi! I had some questions on the “tugging-post”. You wrote: “Shejpa was a dog that often would not tug. — I worked a lot with her tugging and it’s really good now.”

    I was just wondering if you could give some examples on how did you (or how would you) increase tugging if the dog is same to Shejpa? My dog kinda likes to tug in home, sometimes, when she is on an active mood etc. But I can use toy as a motivator rarely, because usually she wont tug while training.

    Thanks if you have time to answer 🙂 Love your blog and your training!

    • reply Summer ,

      Hi i would love to know what kind of dog the black and white with spots is?! I have a dog thats the same but she is a light brown on the face and spots on her back.

      • reply Sofia ,

        What lens do you use for these photos? the are amazing!

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