They’re multiplying

I continue to ignore the bugs and spend wonderful fall days in the forest with the dogs.

On Thursday – a walk with Epic, Squid, Jen, Leet and my friend Mari’s two dogs (Jen/Epic daughter Midi and Squid’s daughter Mist)

Epic, Squid, Jen, Midi, Mist, Leet

On Saturday – My four dogs and five of Thomas’ (Wilco, Volt, Jen Squid, Bud, Sarek, Alot, Epic, Kat)

Wilco, Volt, Jen Squid, Bud, Sarek, Alot, Epic, Kat

On Sunday – Nine of our dogs and Minou’s four border collies (including Bud’s sister Ale)

13 dogs
  • reply Abby ,

    Dogs all look so happy (and tired!) The important question: Does Alot feel like the ugly duckling among all the collies?

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      No, she feels sorry for all dogs that lack facial hair.

    • reply Minou ,

      We have to find some more dogs and do it again!

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