Wilco 1 year

Wilco turns one year old today. He is still such a puppy. He hasn’t even started to lift his leg to pee. He is long legged and bouncy. I haven’t done a lot of training with him, there are many things that I want him more physically and mentally mature before starting. I know puppies his age with full height running dogwalks, but Wilco hasn’t started any running yet. I think he’d be too bouncy and immature for that at the moment. We have started to play a little with two low jumps and some tunnels. He jumps nicely and learns quickly, but needs short sessions to be at his best.

What I love most about Wilco is that he is so kind to everybody. He gets along with all dogs and all people. I hope he keeps that attitude. He travelled with me when I was teaching a seminar a couple of weeks ago, and he could stay tied to the wall of the indoor arena all day and just be friendly to any dog coming up to him. I also really like that he relaxes well when other dogs are running, playing or working. Just like his father, he can be perfectly relaxed by an agility ring. I’m also very happy that I can ask him to lie down and watch quietly as I run agility with the other two dogs. Having three dogs that you can train without having to put them away between sessions just makes everything much easier.

Wilco 1 year


We don’t train as much as I would like at the moment. Thomas is in Norway three days a week, and I have a lot to do with all the puppies and dogs. And we have way too much snow. Wilco enjoys running in the snow with his friends, so he’s not too sad about it. I really look forward to spring! But first, we’re preparing tonights birthday party for him and his brother.



  • reply Kristen ,

    Happy Birthday! I think about puppy Wilco this morning -we’re at the barking-at-pots stage. WIlco is the reason I’m not (too) scared about the things my puppy can’t do or doesn’t know yet.

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      I had totally forgotten about the barking-at-pots stage 😀 He doesn’t do that anymore. A lot of things are just a stage. He’s been terrible with running away when I call him lately. Mostly around the farm, running to the sheep whenever I want him to come indoors. I know it should be a terrible thing that I really should work on, but it also just seemed stupid and immature. So I mostly ignored it and didn’t call him. And now, suddenly, he’s so attached to me and is the first one at the door and the one closest to me when we’re on walks. It just happened.

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