21 – Shaping Sit Up with Sarek

Sarek and I had our first session with sit up from down today. I thought it might be interesting for you to see a shaping session where a new behavior is shaped from scratch. It’s of course just a start. I’d do one more session to get more fluency, then try to teach him to sit pretty to get more strength and power. Sit pretty is a really good behavior to have on the repertoire if you want nice sit up from down.

  • reply AK ,

    Vilket jättefint träningspass! Tack för att vi får se.

    • reply Bodil ,

      Gud så søt han er….Flott treningspass

      • reply Trude ,

        Så flinke! Har alltid lurt på hvordan man lærer inn dette uten å lokke hunden. Takk for at dere la ut videoen 🙂

        • reply Joan ,

          But what if dog at this point is moving all his paws in every directions? And doing a little steps all the time? He is changing position but moving his paws? Do you look only at the position no matter precision or do you put the criteria on precision from the very begining? My dog know how to stay still, sit still, lie still… he knows all the excersises for self control but when I try to do some changes- from sit to stay or any other he is moving a lot…

          • reply The Week in Tweets (19 January 2012) | Some Thoughts About Dogs ,

            […] a dog to always take the jump, even if the dumbell is thrown crooked.  (She also posted another video on shaping sit from a drop.)  Interesting method that I’m sure to give a try (if I get that […]

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