Foundations for down from heel

When working with our online obedience class, I realized that I didn’t have a video that shows how we teach stand/sit/down from heel. We’ve done it for years, and I think that most people in Scandinavia is familiar with the process, but I found that it’s very new to a lot of people from other parts of the world. So, here’s a video showing part of the process (the part that might seem most weird). It starts with a offered down, so it’s important that the dog can offer behaviors without any help from us. We then start to walk slowly backwards and want the dog to follow and then offer a down. We gradually increase speed until the dog can do a nice backwards heel (which means that we sometimes have to reward the dog for just following to) and offer the down.


  • reply Esther ,

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. I knew that you teach the positions during heeling from backwards heeling, but didn’t know you did it by shaping from the down. Thanks for the tip!

  • reply Julyz ,

    Hi,thanks for the video :o) I have one question – do you teach sit and stand from heel with a similar method? Starting from the offering the sit or stand on command while standing or slowly moving? Thanks :o)

    • reply Fanny Gott ,

      Yes, I do exactly the same with stand and sit (but not on command, the dog offers the behavior without a command until I can walk backwards in normal pace and really like what the dog is doing.

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