Scent Discrimination and Retrieve – Day 3

My plan seems to work pretty well! Placing the scented retrieve articles on the stone paves did increase the risk that Squid would use her eyes, but I trusted that she was set on using her nose, and that seems to
be right. I got a new idea and started the session with Squid picking up treats between the articles,
which seem to help her getting a defined search area.

To find the matchstick between the articles was very easy and with a nice flow this time. To find the
article with my scent on it was hard the first times (she moved the articles to mark the matchstick
lying under it), but in the last repetition you can clearly see her marking on the article even though
she’s moved it so the matchstick is visible. Yey!

But it doesn’t feel good that my hands smelled like meatballs. How can I be sure that she is searching
for my scent and not the scent of the treats? For the next session, I think I will ask someone else to
reward her so that my hands can stay clean.

  • reply Esther ,

    Thanks so much for sharing your progression. Gives ideas on how to start with teaching my dog the exercice. But first I want to plan how I want to proceed.

    • reply Nicole ,

      And how are you planning to move on and train the retrieving-part?

      I would be afraid, that my dog starts to ask over the scent discrimination or would just not bring the right object.

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