Shejpa’s running dogwalk

I started to work on Missy and Shejpa’s running dogwalks again this week, focusing on turning. I did that once before, but felt that the whole behavior was breaking down. Most dogs with running dogwalks does not seem to be that good at turning and I felt that maybe I should just run them and then turn them tighter and tighter as they got more experienced. But I didn’t really like that solution, I like to really teach my dogs things. So I tried again this week and it seems like I’ve had more success. I have focused on criteria and with Missy, I have used a target briefly (that didn’t alter her striding, but made her more aware of my criteria) and with Shejpa I used a stick in the ground for her to run around (also very briefly, for just a session). It only took Shejpa two sessions before I almost couldn’t make her fail. I could send her from behind the dogwalk and stand still, I could run laterally away and serp, I could turn her 180 degrees to a tunnel or a jump. She does slow down when I hang back, but I guess she’ll pick up speed when she gets more confident.

Here is a video from todays practice

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    Hi there!

    I have watched some of Pi’s videos some time a go & was impressed. Actually, at 1st I was searching for Golden mix Dalmatian videos coz I always wanted to know what would the dogs look like when they’re mixed together because I have Goldens & a Dalmatian myself. LOL! Silly thinking I know but then I found Pi & I thought she was the one but then found out she’s a Setter. Hehe! Anyway, she is a lovely dog & she looks nothing like the ones I see in shows. She must be bred for field work I guess. My new Golden looks nothing like a normal Golden should look like. Looks like a mongrel really but is perfect in OB. I think field bred dogs do OB & other sports better than dogs that are bulkier & are mainly bred for shows. This is just what I think. Anyway, you have a nice blog & lovely dogs! Do drop by my Amber’s blog & also do join Dogs With Blogs. It’s a huge online dog community where you’ll be able to meet other beautiful & talented dogs from all over the world. The website is

    See ya!

    Melissa & The Dogs

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