Squid 15 weeks

Here is a new video of Squid from today. These are some of the things we are working on at the moment.

Happy New Year!

  • reply Virginia ,

    Felicidades. Congratulations. I love your videos. Thank you for sharing it.

    • reply Nina ,

      What do you use for balancing in the video?

      • reply Iben ,

        Happy New Year – very inspiring videos you’re making 😉
        What’s the point with the puppy touching your hand while Squid’s hindlegs is up upon the board ?
        And yes what materials are you using for the balacing ?
        Keep up the good and inspiring work 😉

        • reply Fanny ,

          1) The balancing toys are just discs filled with air, made for human balance work (for stabilizin joints and strengthening core muscles). I think they are called DynaDiscs in English.

          2) The nose touching on the board is for contact behavior (seesaw in our case, since we’re doing a running dogwalk and a-frame) in agility

          • reply jacky benimble ,

            Hi Fanny, how do you teach squid to let go of the tug? it looks like you are using a hand touch as a signal?

            • reply Fanny ,

              Jackie: Yes, I have taught her to come straight to my hand when she wins the toy. It’s just a matter of teaching the hand touch and the hold and back chaining it. I also have a verbal “out” command.

              • reply jacky ,

                Fanny, My GSD is a very rough tugger, and usually just grabs the tug and runs away. The hand touch would be awesome to use with tugging – I have never seen anyone do this before.
                I am fascinated by this, but not sure how to teach it. I see I need to teach hand-touch and hold separately, but not sure how to backchain these together.

                Do you also teach him to “out” if you are still holding the tug but stop pulling back? (that is a method i have heard of from other people who do Schutzhund).

                thank you,

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